Bald Hills Doctors Serves patients from Carseldine | Mixed Billing Available | Open 7 Days | Male - Female DOCTORS Available

Carseldine is a suburb in the City of Brisbane, situated 16 kms north of Brisbane CBD. This is a nice quiet suburb, generally called as the hidden gem of Brisbane. It is a peaceful, leafy suburb and Bald Hill Doctors is only 3.8 kms away from here.

The services available at Bald Hill Doctors are:
Allied health care
Preventive care
Health management
Full nursing care
 Other services included:
Skin Cancer Treatment
Women’s health Checkup
Sports Medicine
Sexual Health
Occupational Medicine
Children’s Health Care, etc.

The team of experienced female General Practitioners have the knowledge and experience in successfully dealing with following women related health issues:
• Menstrual problems
• Children’s Health
• Antenatal Care
• Women’s Sexual Health


What are Mixed Billing services and their advantages?

In mixed billing, a percentage of a GP's patients will pay a private top up on the Medicare allowance, this comes from the patient's pocket. They will do this because it gives them more choice as to whom they see, when they visit, for how long, and very importantly, because they can afford it.


Booking an Appointment with Doctors in Bald Hills Doctors:
         You can book an appointment with any GP at Bald Hill Doctors in any of the following way:


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